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You Scored as John Sheppard

Your counterpart is the laid-back Air Force Colonel, John Sheppard. Your probably pretty laid back. Things don't usually ruffle your feathers. You're very protective of those you love, and are always there for your friends. You have adorable bed head and a lopsided puppy dog smile and a demeanor that makes you seem like you're always relaxing on a California beach.

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Black Holes and Bubbles?

The official Large Hadron Collider website has a page labeled "The safety of the LHC". This page talks about all the awesomely cool sify-ish stuff that people have claimed the LHC would cause such as black holes etc. Now most of these things I have heard of, but one particular item their list really threw me. And that was Vacuum Bubble. Here is what that entry had to say :


" Vacuum bubbles

There have been speculations that the Universe is not in its most stable configuration, and that perturbations caused by the LHC could tip it into a more stable state, called a vacuum bubble, in which we could not exist. If the LHC could do this, then so could cosmic-ray collisions. Since such vacuum bubbles have not been produced anywhere in the visible Universe, they will not be made by the LHC. "

How odd would it be if this were somehow true. That all this while, at least 13.4 billion years, we have been sitting in a damn bubble of sorts; and that maybe some, something ( NOT the LHC.... nature has been doing what the LHC has for eons and all is well... quite obviously) could tip that to a state of vacuum . Until recently, I thought that was utter nonsense; something as scientifically plausible as falling down 'the rabbit hole'; but yesterday while interviewing a world famous( im obliged to keep his identity under wraps) string theorist/cosmologist who works at the LHC, I found out that it could be possible and that something could tip the balance someday and our entire Universe would be 'eaten' in a very short (cosmologically speaking.... not to worry we will have destroyed ourselves a lot sooner) time! And the funny thing is... I cant decide idf that would be ridiculously cool or disturbing! Meh.

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